Are you feeling disconnected from your loved ones and overwhelmed by your business?

High performing entrepreneurs like you always bite off a little more than they can manage. And it's exhausting! The good news is that I have something for you ... an online course that will show you how to create more balance.

Family Balance Mastery is the game-changing entrepreneur-family mindset course and community that everyone is not only raving about but are actually implementing.

  • YOU have a big dream to grow your business, earn the level of success you deserve, create your ideal family life and set a great example for your kids.

  • WE have the community, the tools, the knowledge, and experience to help you make it all happen and it's all wrapped up in this online program.
  • From Overwhelmed to In Control

    I hear it all the time from entrepreneur parents "I AM STRESSED OUT!" This alone can bring chaos into your family life and business. With this course, you will go from that overwhelmed hustler parent to someone much better equipped to take on the day with sheer adventure and organization.

  • Expert Instructor

    I had two babies, launched two successful businesses, moved twice, in two years -- so I know a few things about systems and 'balance'. My live workshops are a hit and this online program is sure to help you achieve the same sort of integration many other families have already achieved.

  • Fun and Easy to Follow Guides

    The videos are super! Packed with the essentials and some great stories, but the worksheets is where you will gain the advantage. Printable worksheets will guide you through the exercises I discuss throughout this program.

Business systems for my family? Heck yes!

Creating systems to create balance that creates an epic life.

The highs and lows of both parenting and running a business often collide to create catastrophic stress and anxiety, and not when we most expect it. The compound effect of poor choices, bad habits, and terrible family and business systems leaves us feeling depleted, disconnected and delusional.  We think we have to take big steps forward to get out of the busy-ness hole we've created in order to feel more accomplished.  But the truth lies in the baby steps, the tiny incremental changes we can make every day and week to improve how we function both as an entrepreneur and mother/father.

These tiny steps come in the form of simple spreadsheets, scheduling, outsourcing, delegating and in investing more in ourselves before anyone else. 

Family Balance Mastery the online workshop will help you get out of the perpetual overwhelm of parenting and entrepreneurship and leave you feeling more balanced. 

What's Included in This Program

  • Three modules with corresponding videos.

  • Downloadable workbooks for each section to help you deepen your commitment in creating systems for your life.

  • Weekly challenges where you can put into practice what you've learned.

  • Coaching from Renée on how to follow through in your pursuit of freedom in your entrepreneurial family life.

I created this course because ...

I didn't want to see another entrepreneur parent feeling as though they had to choose between having a family and running a business. You CAN do both!

You see, I had two babies, moved twice, launched two businesses in two years!


At the height of the craziness, my business was booming [PR Agency], which meant that I was on call 24/7. I wasn’t very well rested, and my family life and personal health were beginning to be affected.

Happiness at this point felt like finding the needle in the haystack. Impossible. I wanted to quit everything.

It didn't take long before I knew where I needed to point my compass. The problem was that I still had an agency to run, employees to pay, clients to tend to and a family that needed my constant attention.

It took hitting rock bottom with my health, my sleep, my relationships and ultimately my happiness for me to turn things around. So my family and I set out to create systems and procedures that have, over the course of that last six years become the Family Academy and this very course.

Today, I'm a more present parent and connected partner

I have more flexibility in my life to focus on the business things I want to do and the FREEDOM in my family life to actually BE THERE for them.

I now run the business I have always dreamed of and have very clear systems in place to get my time back. Time to grow my business AND time to be with my family.

I have more ... 

  • Date nights
  • 1-1 time with each kid
  • Flexibility with work
  • Quarterly retreats
  • Weekly family meetings
  • Am on top of all my finances and the rest of the 'boring' stuff
  • Sleep better
  • Exercise more
  • Breath deeper
  • And am way more relaxed.


It all started when I backed into my husbands brand new car. (At the time I didn't see this as 'the sign' or a gift, but it eventually became the moment I knew things had to change.) I was too exhausted, way to unorganized and was being too REACTIVE to my life.

I quickly learned how to clear away my old beliefs about how managing a business and a family should be, and replaced them with a proactive mindset that has helped me increase my income and my mental and physical freedom. 

"But Renée, I don't have those luxuries let alone really think that I need them."  I once thought this too, but when I started seeing what was possible, it all became very clear... 

No matter how many vision boards you create, no matter how much self-improvement you try to do, no matter how many Pinterest boards inspire you ...

Until you make the decision to make a change ... 

You will be stuck in this perpetual feeling of overwhelm, exhaustion, and guilt. You will never gain the freedom you desire.

What people are saying:

"When Renée shared her ideas and format for a weekly marriage/couples meeting, I thought it was a cute and good idea...but had no idea until we started implementing it every week how much it would actually affect and improve our connection, communication, and ultimately our partnership. It’s a small act that has made a HUGE difference. Forever grateful!" - Adrienne Dorison, CEO & Founder At Lean Growth Group

"Before taking this course I felt overwhelmed (of course mom-guilt plays into that) and just giving + giving to others and not to myself first. I realized that by giving to myself first, allows me to give more freely to others, including my family. This course taught me to come full circle and figure out what works for me." Kelsie-Ann Caissie, Entrepreneur

"My girlfriend and I went on our first relationship retreat last year and it was a transformative experience that helped us connect at a deeper level, understand each other's needs, wants, and desires, and help show up as the partner we've always wanted to be for each other. Exercises like the perfect day, week, and year was especially interesting because it uncovered areas where we wanted the same things and others which were new insights! I highly recommend Renée's program." - Dev Basu, CEO & Founder At Powered By Search

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